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Our Process

Loscavo Bottling

Over the years, the production of Loscavo oil has developed into an increasingly elaborate and accurate process, the result of centuries-old experiences in the extraction of the main food of the Mediterranean diet. The values ​​of tradition are linked to technologies capable of enhancing the value of raw materials and obtaining products with a unique and surprising taste. The path of oil production is characterized by several steps. One of these is filtration using filters before packaging. Everything is controlled by a series of processes that guarantee the quality of the final product on your table.


At Loscavo Oil, we package our Olive oil in dark glass bottles and steel jars. Both glass and steel help protect our olive oil against photo-oxidation, prolonging the shelf life by preserving the oils flavor. 

Packaging plays a fundamental role as a protective barrier against light and oxygen and therefore as a means to preserve the qualitative characteristics of Loscavo oil. The use of dark glass bottles and steel jars can represent an effective means of protection from photo-oxidation, to which extra virgin olive oil can be subjected during exposure in the product marketing environments or during home use.

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